How long should it take to get sales over 1k a day?

so i just opened my third store about two weeks ago and its been a little slower than i had hoped for.

We are in a town of about 55k people in our delivery range. There are 5 pizza places. Us, PJ, PH,DOM and a mom and pop one. The domions does about 24k a week and the PJ 20k a week and im not sure about PH.

We have been opened about 3 weeks and we have averaged about 5k a week so far. So far the marketing we have done is about 3000 door hangers and 10k direct mail mailers. week days are about 500-600 and friday sat are about 1100-1300. I know that we are still very very new and we have not done that much marketing but my others 2 stores to great. one of them does 15k a week and the other one does about 12k a week and they have been opend about 3 years

My first store took about 12 months to get to 10k a week and my second store was doing 10k a week from the 3rd week open. How long should i excpet the new store to take to get to the 10k+ a week range. its really hard coming from busy stores to a slow store it makes me feel that im not doing something right. And on top of that im not a patient person at all, i like to see results.

next week i have Val-pak coupons going out and another 10k mailers hitting homes, i sure hope it picks up soon, i guess only time will tell

any input would be great

Joker I am just going off the numbers in my head but if Dom & PJ are doing almost $50k a week and then add in PH and two indies…all in a town of 55k… I might just be way off but the numbers just seem really high in sales. I know each operation and demographic is its own but does anyone have a really good spreadsheet that guesstimates the real possibilities of growth based on population, competition, and other estimated factors? I know that for the most part it is all guess work but I would think that within reason someone could get a reasonable end usable figure out of it all. Any offerings? I put together one of my own that took all the factors I could fill in to the best of my ability but in the end… when I reversed the numbers based on hard real numbers that I was lucky enough to get from exsisting owners of 2 operations all of my estimates were not only out of the ball park… I am pretty sure the game hadnt even been invented on the planet I was thrown too. I am really good with statistics and number crunching but restaurant sales has so many realp-life variables that I truly believe this is the honest factor that causes the 90%+ failure rate that this industry sees! Thoughts anyone? :?:

Joker, congrats on your 3rd store. Markets are different. Where are the other 2 stores in relation to the 3rd? If the cheap places are doing really well, that’s a big indicator of the market. Is there enough market available for your store, or will you have to build it? Don’t be frustrated if a perimeter store isn’t popping the numbers that a store gets sitting right outside the college dorm area. The markets are different.

Sorry, I don’t have an answer for you. But I am curious as to the total dollar market per thousand, or ten thousand, for pizza. I guess what I’m asking is…in your market of 55,000, what the total sales for pizza should be. If that number is known, several proforma scenarios coulld possibly be developed.

im going to try to answer everyone in one post so please forgive me if i miss something

There is about 50k people in a 5 miles radius and about 70k people in our total delivery range, And there is a military base with 15k+ near by that the big 3 deliver to also, we have not gotten base access yet, We will have clearance in about 3 weeks

We are a small local franchise that is setup to play with the big guys, we have there price point but we make our own dough and sauces and cut own veggies etc etc. So we are not looking for a new market we are focus on getting our customers from the big 3. We also take any competitors coupons.

I know we are still new and i cant expect to just open up the doors and do 15k a week, i was just wondering how long you guys think it should or could take to get to the 10k+ a week mark. I think 5k a week is decent for being open 3 weeks with little marketing but i want it to get better faster.

the 3rd store is about 40 miles away from the other 2 stores in a bigger town with lots of commerce etc. Its pretty much a giant commerce town with alot of apartments and town homes, I think there is 5000 apartments in our area. My 1st store is in a retirement comm with about 15k people and papa murphys and a dominos and one other family place. The 2nd store is in a very very old blue collar town built in 1900s with about 30k people the domions there was doing 30k a week before we came to town and we have 5 other pizza places that do so so and a papa murphys that does 20k a week as well. I get my numbers from really good sources so i know im rather close on sales that i am talking about

We got a really really good deal on this place and all the equiptment was brand new in 2008 and the past owner was doing 8-10k a week before he closed due to his partnership falling apart

I just took over a store that has been open nearly 16 years and as recent as 12 months ago was doing 10k a week. It has been 9 weeks now and we will were at 6200 when we bought and are going to do 8k this week.

I dont know how to evaluate your situation when you are using population figures. I have a store in a market with only 9000 address that does 12k a week. I have a store with 30k addresses that does 22k a week and a campus related store with 40k address that does 27k a week.

This newest store is in a market with 26k addresses so my goal is 18 to 20k weeks.

Sounds like you had huge success with store #2 but store #1 sounds more like a normal path.

My small market store opened to 5k weeks and we put so much pressure on in the first 3 months that Dominos closed and it took us from 7k to 10k even though they were doing 8k a week themselves. 12 months after that Pizza Hut closed too and that was our next bump, but we only picked up 1k a week yet they were doing 6k a week up to their closing (I moved into their old location which was right around the corner from us when my lease was up as we needed a big remodel).

Maybe you know your address count in the 5 mile radius of the new store? That would really give me a clear view of what to predict.

Its getting better slowly. it just a drag when its so slow and your used to being slammed most days.

My dad just opened a store in the same franchise as mine and his first month they are on track to do over 75k. Talk about a gold mine.

Hmmm… tell dad you are moving back into the basement! :stuck_out_tongue: