how long to make a batch of dough?

I had to do a batch by myself yesterday, so I thought I would time it…

I went from sealed bag of flour, wityh nothing measured out to 16 trays of large dough balls (96) put up in tyhe cooler inb 49 minutes.

I was very proud of myself till I told my wife and she asked “Is that good”? I responded “I have no idea”

What about you guys? Ever time it?

yep, takes me close to that time to do a 16 pound flour batch…

do you use a balling machine /
I’d love to have one, just not enough room in the trailer and volume to justify.

We do a 25 lb batch in 25 - 30 minutes if you’re good, 35 - 40 minutes if you’re slow.

We have everything already measured, it saves some time. We mix for 7 minutes.

Takes us longer then that but we ball our dough let it rise for about 10-15 min then press it out into pans. We do about 180 crust from start to finish in 2.5 hours. We mix our water flour and yeast pak for 2 minutes then add the oil and mix for 7 minutes.

Our batches are 25lbs of flour. A fast dough maker can do four batches an hour. Slow is two per hour. If we have several people helping we can do 10-12 batches an hour which is what we sometimes do after the night’s business if the “dough guy” has the next day off and we need 15-20 batches.

5 days a week our dough guy comes in at 4-5AM and makes dough. By the time the manager arrives at 10AM he is done and gone. We pay him piece rate rather than hourly so he can as fast or slow as he wants to. There is a posted chart that tells him how much to make for the day.

This was a 50# flour batch, and no I do not have a machine. I here there pretty cool though.

We use a dough rounder and mix 100 lbs of flour at a time. We do about three batches per hour. The dough rounder is the key as all we have to do is cut to weight and place in tray. If you’re doing any volume of dough, you should consider looking for a used Aand M MFG rounder.

My own rough number are as follows:
Scaling the ingredients: 5-minutes
Actual dough mixing time: 12-minutes
Dragging the bowl to the bench and getting dough onto the bench: 2-minutes
Cutting and balling (12-ounce dough balls on average) 85# of dough/50# flour, 107 dough balls: 25 minutes.
Putting the dough balls into boxes, oiling the tops, and getting cross stacked in the cooler: 8-minutes.
Total Time: 52-minutes.
If there are two of us doing it the time averages out at about half of this, or about 25-minutes total time. Remember, this is for a 50# flour weight dough.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor