how low can you go?

What does the TT brain trust think about 8’ ceilings in an entire, 2400 sq ft space?

I wouldn’t last 1 day

actually, i preferred the lower ceilings over the high ceilings. I thought it made the place feel more homey.

The last place I worked had a 12 foot ceiling in the dining room and an 8 foot ceiling in the kitchen… Kinda made me feel a little claustrophobic looking out into the dining room from the kitchen, and i’m not one to get claustrophobia either.

This study gives some interesting insights on the subject. I personally prefer higher ceilings in commercial buildings.

Would a lower ceiling result in lower heating and cooling costs? Or does the dead space above a drop ceiling draw up enough conditioned air to negate the smaller volume below?

At least this space us very well insulated. Ductwork is insulated. My concern is like Daddio’s link…will the close space make for less comfort? And, volume of noise…hard ceiling will reflect a lot of sound. 8’ is not much dispersion room.

Too bad…its location is great, and the owner is terrific. But, the way it’s built, 2400 total is 1800 useable, after restrooms and utility rooms. Take away an entry…with low ceiling…I think it’s a bad scene. *sigh

Thanks, everyone, for the replies. More, please!

I’m pretty sure I’d ram the mop handle through the ceiling tiles… but that’s just me. And I have trouble with our 10’ er as it is.

I guess I forgot to mention, this is not a drop ceiling. it is actually drywall at 8 ft.