How many 19" pies/hour in BP DS990, D250 and Y602

Yeah 19"…

Basic Specs:
Unit Width Debth Height BTU
DS990 48 36 6.75 70K
G250 48 36 10 125K
Y602 60 36 8 120K

What kind of production are people producing before the bake time and quality are effected?

Deck oven production is effected by so many variables there can be different production levels day to day.

Deck oven manufactures do not supply production level charts.

How many pizzas per hour do you want to produce?

George Mills

Good question, I’m honestly not sure… with a larger pie, it would seem difficult to have more than three pies in either oven. So I was hoping that the production for the 48" wide was close to the 60". Other thought?

I assume you know that if you bake three pizzas then remove them you should not put three more in till the deck reheats to baking temperature.
As deck ovens do not have an oven deck temperature indicator I suggest you get a grill thermometer to indicate when the spot a pizza has been removed from returns to the proper temperature.
George Mills