How many disks?

I am getting ready to order my pizza disks, and I am really kind of unsure of how many of each size I should get. I have two MM 570’s, and I was thinking of getting about fourty or so 16" disks, what do you think? how about quantities on other sizes? If they were not quite so pricey it would not matter, but at nearly twenty bucks I don’t want to waste money that I can really use for other things. Thanks for your help!


what kind of numbers do you do of various sizes? You can use the 16s for any other size too, although the oven will fill up a bit faster unless you overlap. Really, you have to determine how many you need, based on your sales. Figure you can grab one 15 minutes after it’s been in the oven, to be safe. How many pies do you sell in 15 minutes, prime time? Order 25% more than that. IMO, of course

Are you dead set on disks instead of screens? I purchase my 16" screens for under $3.00. I do have to replace them more often than disks, but they cool and can be reused much faster. As far as #'s go I keep about 60-16", 25-12", and 25-18" on my slap table and aproximatly an equal amount seasoned and ready to pull out when a large order or a crazy night comes along.