How many employee's are voting? Did a poll...

I asked all my employees who were of age to vote, who was voting in this upcoming election and the results…


Very sad!


There was a municipal election here this week. In a city of over 50k there were a total of 9000 ballets cast. I ask my staff to take a PAID hour to go and vote and not a single one took me up on the offer.

And people wonder why things are the way they are…sometimes they don’t even wonder why,just float with the dead fish in the current of life.


Let me add that it just might be good that these people don’t vote. I don’t know about up north with you but in the states, the idea of voting from the internet has been talked about.

If you can’t take 10 minutes and vote at your local voting place then you shouldn’t vote.

We have a couple states that allow felons in jail to vote :x

Every voter should have to pass a test before voting. Just a couple questions such as…
Who is the current President?
How many states are there? (Obama said he visited all 57 states while campaigning)