How Many Employees To Start

I was wondering if anyone has a rough idea of how many employees I should start with to open a delco? It will be in a residential/college city with a population of roughly 32,000. My hours will be M-W 11 till 2,4 till 1 Thurs-Sat 11-2,4 till 3 and Sunday 4 till 12. I will be working there full time.


Spend a little time reading recent posts and the FAQ section and who knows what you’ll learn - much more than if we spoon feed averyone who asks it every week or two.


I’d have to agree with Wizzle, although I really wish the search feature worked a lot better.

For example, I searched how many employees it brought up 1327 results and how many employees to start and it brought up 2840 :shock:

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If it were me, I would research this thread: … 2701#43884

That’s where the OP asked the exact same question 6 days ago :smiley:

thats Wizzle not Whizzle!

Corrected! Oops.

uhhh… am i missing something? Maset54 started that thread too.

It got hijacked so I thought I would try again…