how many glasses, plates, etc for dine in?

I know i have seen a list on here before that broke down how many glasses, plates, knives, forks, etc to buy at first in comparision to how many seats you have, but just spent the last hour searching and cant find that post anywhere! Any help finding that post or any suggestions on the amount would be great!


I haven’t seen a list… but I used a brute force method to calculate and then doubled that. For example, you have 60 seats, suppose you flip that 3 times/hr. Thats 180 sets of flatware, glasses, bowls, dishes. Multiply that times 4 to give you a little ‘rush’ net, because you’d hate to run out during the rush and do it on the fly. So now you’re looking at 720 each. As for dishes, make sure you have the capacity to wash them. My coke distributor gives me all the coke glasses I need, though I do not use them. At my store, most customers want to take the drink with them, so I just go with 16oz foam cups. As for plates, I went with a 9" AL plate that works like a champ and compliments the pizza serving plates.

Hope this helps a little.