how many here makes own salad dressing?

was wondering how many of you make your own salad dressing and if you sell it in bottles? i make all of my shops salad dressings and have had customers ask if we sold it by the bottle. not sure how to go about this, is there something special you need to do to make it shelf stable? any health dept regs you have to follow? do you need to have ingredient list and nutritional info? and how do you determine the shelf life?

Yes, we make our own and yes, people beg us to bottle it and sell it. It is a pretty good dressing.

My answer is always “No, we don’t plan to ever bottle it. It’s a secret recipe and has been in our family for generations…” blah, blah, blah, marketing BS.

The real reason we won’t bottle it is because I’m getting people to pay eight bucks for 4oz of dressing and some cheap lettuce and toppings. I have a feeling people would just skip buying the salad from us and make it at home if I sold it by the bottle, and there’s no way possible I could get $8.00 for 5oz of it.