How many is too many

So was looking at a store location in a town North of us Population is 25000 currently has 6 locations 1 independent Papa John’s Domino’s Little Caesars Pizza hut simple Simons And several gas station locations is that too many?

Or could it sustain another location

Too many cheap options. Move on to somewhere else IMO

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I live in a city of 67k that has over 30 places to buy pizza. This shows that this is a pizza town. I would rather go where you know people like pizza than wonder why there are no pizza places in town.

I am with Daddio.

In a race with a bear I do not have to be faster than the bear… I just have to be faster than you.

Thanks Daddio and Steve

Do a pizza study of them all on a Thursday, Friday & Sat night. Place a pick-up order when they all open and when they all close and use the order numbers to gauge volume based on average order totals. If you plan to do delivery you should also sit outside and count the number of deliveries they do for dinner (also the number of drivers on each hour.) If all six are killing it you will feel more confident about your ability to succeed.

Also I think your town could be a great opportunity because it sounds like they do not have a great independent pizza place. Focus on what you would do different and what you would do better than the chains. When we opened I tried to go toe to toe with the chains with price and coupons. You will never win that game. Focus on what you can do different and how you can be the communities go to place.

Ultimately if the total market is big enough and your differentiator & story is compelling you can do great in a town that size. Good luck!