How many of you are strapped?

I know that alot of owner/operators in other businesses carry firearms. How many of you feel it is a good idea to carry a weapon. Do you keep it on you at all times…or keep one under the counter during business hours? Just wondering because I am in a high drug use population.

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Easier w/scatter gun tho

Thinking about a Walther PPK/S .380 cal. Reported good quality, good shooting, and compact.

Would love to carry a .44 mag, but my wife is dead set against it. I will win someday :smiley:

Every moment I’m at work.
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wife and i carry matching 45 autos

Sig .40 S&W concealed carry.

Hey wiseguy, The Walther is a good piece and very compact, but you might seriously want to consider a caliber with more stopping power. I would much rather have a .380 than nothing at all, but it isn’t a great round for stopping meth or crack heads.

Just ran across the Beretta PX4 Storm Sub Compact. 9mm with 13 shot clip. 3" barrell. Nice. Would a 9mm be enough power…I don’t want a cannon.

A .40 has much more knock down power than a 9 mil but little(if any) more kick. This is why it is my round of choice. It is the choice of all of the police organizations in my area. You will be fine with a 9 millimeter, but definatly consider a .40.

I don’t carry, but I own and have in my home a Glock .40 S&W. I used it as a police officer for a little while. LOVE this gun. My wife wants a Glock 9mm for Christmas.

Now, if only WI would allow concealed carry!

Even as ex law enforcement you can’t carry? That Sucks!!!

Hi Wiseguy

 You would be just fine with the 9mm, but the .40 is a better round in my opinion.  The only thing I can say that I don't like about the 9mm is that it has a problem with over penetrating a target and crusing right along into whatever is behind the target.  The .40 on the other hand is a bit heavier round traveling a bit slower so it transfers more kinetic energy into the target and typically does not over penetrate.  That being said I own a couple 9's and would feel just fine having to use one, but the .40 in my opinion is the perfect blend caliber with stopping power close to a .45 but yet it is still pretty tame to fire.  It all comes down to what you yourself are comfortable with and you are for sure better off with a .380 than nothing, but if you try and like a 9 or .40 you would be much better off.  If there is a firing range near you that rents pistols you should just go and try some out, and I bet they would even apply your rental towards a purchase if you find one you like.  Good luck!

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357 stainless no need to clean much but would like a 20 ga sawed off for backup scarry more close and doesnt go through as many windwos and doors

Good lord how do you move make pizzas carrying so many firearms? :lol:

Pizzamagoo wrote:“The only thing I can say that I don’t like about the 9mm is that it has a problem with over penetrating a target and crusing right along into whatever is behind the target.”

In my Taurus 9mm and any firearm I’ve used for “security” I always fill the clip with Silver tipped hollow points.

My brother’s philosophy on .38’s “If you want to stop somebody with a .38 you’re better off throwing the pistol at them!”

Wonder if the guys over at the Gun store/firing range loan out the Machine Guns??
What ya mean the pizza’s greasy?? :smiley:

Talk about ready to rumble. What was the name of your shop? Rambo’s Pizza? :lol:
Seriously, what do you do. One on your waist, on in the office, one under the register, etc…BTW check out that Beretta that I mentioned and give me your opinion. The Beretta PX4 Strom Sub-Compact.

BTW, how important are adjustable sights? If a gun comes with fixed sights, what are the chances that they are off?

Don’t worry about the sights, most handgun shooting are from within 10 feet. At that distance it is basically “Point and Shoot”.

Plus, if I buy something from a company like Beretta who has built their reputation on quality…what are the chances of getting a bum one? Plus, wouldn’t it have some type of warranty on it?

no guns.

a baseball bat would be good.

I can see the hesitance for guns . . . but a baseball bat doesn’t have nearly the range of a 9mm slug. Makes it an unfortunately underpowered weapon in a gun fight.