How many of you got a card from your vendors this year?

A lively discussion at the shop today is based on a thank-you mailing we sent to all of our customers–every one. Ironically, we received no “thank you for your business, happy holidays & look forward to doing business with you next year… card” from our main food vendor. I really didn’t give it much thought, but now I am curious.

zero as of yet

I also didn’t get a card from our food distributor. some of the business related cards we did recieve: Accountant, landlord, produce company, AMS(who bought ovens from me 3 years ago), Waste Pro(our garbage company)and one from a customer. I think next year I will send them out to our customers. Anyone have any ideas to make them pizza related? I thought about drawing Santa eating a slice of pizza in front of the fireplace and leaving the milk and cookies.

We got one from our food rep. She is very good about that sort of thing.

AND . . . I got a christmas card and GIFT from Stanislaus. I get one every year ,and am beyond impressed by them and their way of doing business. This is the third year we have gotten something from them as thank you for being a customer/product user.


If you find an artist to draw that, let me know the cost. I may be interested in going in on that with you. Having him do a “master” and then allowing him to insert our logo onto the pizza box.


We got one.

Our phone book rep sent a card.

Stanislaus only
because I register at their booth at conventions
…good marketing department, good products also
have found 6N1 more consistent for me,

I got a Sysco calendar. WOW!

I got about 10 from local businesses that I do business with: radio station, Tire shop, hardware store,accountant and of course from Stanislaus who have sent me something every year for at least 6-7 years They are a class act company!

got from food dist, from pos company, from stanislaus co with gift…
but not from our franchise co or its owner…
happy new year to all

we got ZERO, not only that but we got a ton of headaches

  1. because of the holiday falling on monday I was told my order would be a day later…so when I called it in the csr told me I missed my order and that it was on the same day (thursday) so I had to make 3 trips to my distributor (rep was off).
    then this week I was called early in the morning by my rep and was told that they did not leave my product because the check wasnt on the freezer door (normal place) which I found odd. so I drove there only to find that it has slid down to the bottom (cheap magnet) but jeez all he had to do was look!
    I am taking my 2600.00 a week else where
    not only that but loyalty to one distributor has got me nothing AT ALL.
    Stanislaus is the only one that sent me a card…
    huh just thought…great product, I never feel gouged from them, even when tomatoes hit the roof and they sent me a card…I do like this company

I should note I got the stanislaus gift & grande card as well, but nothing from my main supplier.

Man, talk about feeling unappreciated! I use over 20 cases of Stanislaus per week and nothing! NADA. ZERO. ZILCH! I guess it must be time to switch to Escalon! :lol: :lol:

Not really, a card just isn’t THAT important

Paul, Sign up for their newsletter and get on their mailing list. If you get one of those business reply cards in a case of their product . . . return it for the free poster. Then, they will shower you with attention. Once they have your address, they will keep it in their markleting department for a long time :slight_smile:

I got the Stanilaus gift/card, a card from my suppliers rep, about 20 cards from customers, and a card from some crazy guy that thinks Santa wears beach sandles.

I sent out cards to my customers with a milliom dollar L0tt0 ticket. Hope one wins.

Wow. Every year we get a great gift box from BOVA. And this year we only used them about half the time. This year we got a new pizza cutter, a jar of olive oil, a jar of balsamic vinegar, an amazing lemon panetone, 2 different kinds of candies, a hot pad holder, a magnet, a new calendar, and I think there were a couple other things.

Every single one of our customers who ordered within the last 5 months received a Christmas card. Inside was an invitation to CAD (Dec 22) and 2 coupons to be used in January & February. January’s coupon is a free topping with the purchase of 2 large pizzas. Use the coupon 4 times within the month and receive a free pizza. February’s coupon is for a free 2-liter with a $15 purchase. Use it 4 times and get a $10 gift certificate. We have a big problem with a lack of frequency from our customers, hoping the coupons will help. There were dozens who said thank you for the card.

What ??? Now I’m crazy ?? I thought I was just stupid !!! :smiley:

To correct you to “aussie speak” those things you called sandals are actually called thongs (made of rubber) - not to be confused with the other type of thong which in the main is more appealing to the eye when worn by someone the correct size and age :lol:


Like me? :shock:

1 of my 3 suppliers gives me a card, calendar, bottle of absolute. The other 2 suppliers give me nothing. i get cards from my pos co, grande cheese, insurance agent, and various loyal customers. I do send out holiday cards to my Top 500 customers.

I was told that they are now called flip flops… I am talking about the beach sandles