how many ounces of cheese?

How many ounces of cheese is everyone using per 16" pizza ? Thanks !!!

This is really going to differ based on many different factors, but I used 10oz ov Bacio Diced on mine

Yeah… really too many variables but… Domino’s was around 12oz but I believe it jumped to 16oz for a cheese only pie; So Pepperoni got 12oz while a cheese got 16oz. Think an XC 16" was 18oz.
I don’t use a scale now so… I’ll just have to say “too much”

Depends on if your using shredded or diced. we use shredded and use 12oz

we shred our own blocks of grande - thanks for your replies

I use 9 oz for regular & 13 for extra

Im similar to Idaho 10oz regular 14oz extra.
I use a diced blend

14" is my biggest pie, but if I had a 16 inch it would be 10 oz of shredded bacio. and 15 oz for extra.

16" = 10oz just Cheese. 9oz with other toppings. 15oz Extra Cheese

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