How many ounces of dough?

We are starting to add calzones to our menu and was wondering how many ounces of dough would you recommend for a 12" calzone? And how much cheese?

We use the doughball for our 12" pizza to make calzones. We toss it out to about 13" and trim around the screen to have a little lighter skin but we do not mess around with stocking another size doughball. Same for strombolli.

10 oz

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I use my small dough for calzone(13oz)
Do it the same as Bodega, trim around the edges with the pizza wheel, if I dont trim the edges are really doughy.

I absolutly hate making calzones! I wish I never put them on my menu. They slow us down and we top ours with cheese sometimes it rolls off in the deck oven causing smoke. Theyre my nightmare

I should add in New Hampshire we call calzone with you guys call strombolli I think
Trying to add a pic but not sure how…

10 OZ dough, 5 Oz Cheese. If you use a dough stretcher stretch it on what you use for thin crust pizzas. If it over hangs, cut it with a pizza cutter around the edges to fit the calzone screen. If you use a conveyor I recommend putting 3-4 slits in the top

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Whatever you medium style pizza dough weighs subtract 2oz and no more than 4oz of cheese if you are going to use ricotta then one heaping tablespoon ricotta 2.5oz of mozz

That’s assuming your large is no heavier than 6 to 7oz, large should stretch no bigger then 14 to 16 inches - medium 12 to 13 inches