How many OZ of dough are you using for 9" and 12" pan pizza?

I’ve had a few customers express to me they would like our pan pizzas to have a bit more dough and be thicker… right now we use 14oz for a 9" pan and 18oz for 12"…

I just mess around with pan pizza for the crew. I have found that cooking it for about 4 minutes with nothing on it makes a very thick airy crust, just like pizza hut in the early 90’s. I also use an 18oz dough with 12" inch pan. I tried doing it the new way dominos does, by just forming it in the pan and adding toppings. Its just not good. I tried cooking it 1 1/2 times 2 times though the oven, nothing compares to the par bake. but par bake in mass production is a pain in the ass guessing game.

I wonder how long a par bake would stay good if bagged and refrigerated.