How many oz of dough?

We currently use 18oz dough for our 12" pan pizza… going to add a 14" pan option… how many oz dough ball do you use for a 14" pan pizza?

I would love to add pan pizza if it was simple. Sometimes I will make one for the crew. I put some oil in the bottom of a 12" pan. Put flattend 18oz dough in to the edge of pan. bake at 500 for 3 minutes. take it out add sauce, mozz, topping. Then bake for 5 minutes at 500.

Could you post your process

Based on the math of what you are using now it would be the same thickness using 24.6 oz 14" pan

We keep it very simple… oil the pan and press dough in… lightly dock. We like to cold proof the dough minimum of 48 hours. Sauce and top then in oven for about 10 minutes on average at 515

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