How Many Seats

I know this is going to be a vague question but I am just trying to get some idea on this. I was just wondering how much seating would comfortable fit into 1400 sq. ft? That footage is without bathrooms,wait station and odds and ends,it will be just for seating.

I think that is roughly the same size as our dining room (maybe a little bigger) and we have 55 seats between tables and booths.

Along the same line and hopefully not a hi-jacking…isn’t there a number of seats allowed before the requirement for TWO ADA approved restrooms kicks in?

I was told that is determined by sq/ft, not seating. I have an unused second floor on my building that I’ve been trying to come up with a way to use. Housing is the only thing, so far, that wouldn’t require a $30K lift. Some of this is may be affected by local laws too.

Our village didn’t allow us to have stools or a counter b/c we don’t have a public restroom, and we’re just a carryout (but we did anyways :twisted:). So it varies from county to county.

deacon is right for our local laws, its 55 seats and you need 2 bathrooms (indiana)