how many shifts are you the cook?

How many hours are you cooking at your place?

I did a handful of shifts around August 2007 and one in January 2008 and I worked the last shift ever at my slice location on closing day after we sold the place. In the last 10 years… maybe 20-25 shifts.

I also stay in the store during the rush most nights during Christmas week, but I stay out of the way and answer the phone or something like that.

I have also done perhaps 20 driving shifts in the last decade too.

almost never, unless the kitchen is in the weeds or someone is out. That rarely happens because my guys are paid well and they go years without missing a day. We close every Sunday and for vacation 1 week every six months. I am more valuable being the face of my store out front with the customers than stuck in the kitchen. Of course, I am always checking all the dishes going out

It’s the oompa loopas for me, I never work unless someone calls in sick, and even then someone else is usually willing to cover the shift. You do this for 25 years and eventually you work all the bugs out of the system.

Good for you. Do you have a marketing program on autopilot? if so, please share with us. I try to spend the summer mostly away but I also have family that looks over the place for me daily(no they r not workers, just go in and hang while they grab a bite) there presence is a good thing to have


Weird - letting free food go out the door…

Ah hmmm, No, I do not allow anything ‘free’ in my store. Everything is for sale and we are a ‘for profit’ Corporation.

I can do everything in my store, but mostly I work tirelessly at making it a million dollar store.