How many types of crust do you sell?

If a pizza place just sells one type of crust, say hand tossed, will they be limiting business?

Do most of you offer thin, hand tossed and deep dish crusts? and then plus whole wheat and what else?


We make one type of dough. If people ask for a large (14") thin crust - we use a 12" dough ball. If they ask for a large thick crust, we use a 16" ball. We charge extra for the thick, but regular price for the thin. Our flour is regular - not whole wheat. We’ve been thinking about adding a flavoring - garlic and herbs for one. Not sure if anything else.

We use one type of dough and make three sizes for a variety of items.
personal, 16 " hand tossed, 16" pan

One kind of dougn. Three sizes of doughballs. Regular hand tossed, thin or deep dish.

One type of dough with our special sour dough additive, 4 sizes - 10" (260gm), 13" (450gm = 16oz), 15" (650gm) & 18" (850gm).

We do regular and thin. Dropped thick just after taking over the shop. Too much trouble to stop and make when busy, plus didn’t cook nicely - probably undercooked due to thickness and using a conveyor.

All dough done through a sheeter and then spike rolled.

Cooked in MM PS360 at 362o Celsius for 7 minutes = perfecto.



Comes to about 687F for those keeping American score at home.

I’m in the minority:

Hand tossed wheat: 10", 12", 14", 16"
Hand tossed white: 10", 12", 14", 16"
Thin wheat (different recipe): 10", 12", 14", 16"
Thin White (one size smaller and roll it out): 10", 12", 14", 16"

And yes, we make our dough at the store.


We use the ‘overstretch’ technique to provide what we term a “flat” crust. We don’t use the word “thin” as we cannot guarantee the crackery crust people were expecting. So, we changed to flat. Our frozen dough balls are not formulated to hold that crispy profile for very long outside the oven. Itdoes pretty well, but not formulated for the thin crackery finish.


My bad. :oops: Thanks for picking that up. Should be 262o Celsius.

But then again some of my customers would like it at 362o - they say “make sure it is well done”. :?


j rock is it harder to make wheat dough?


The dough profile is a little rough until you get the recipe down. I can remember beginnings where there would be “spiderwebs” everywhere in the pizzas as if the wheat just didn’t want to hold shape. That was just the stretching. Then, with the slapping, we had the same problems again with the “spiderwebs” and major thin spots.

Today, since we’ve constructed a recipe that works, those problems are only a memory. -J_r0kk

We offer 4 crusts

Hand tossed 8" 12" 14" 16"
Whole Wheat 8" 12" 14"
Deep Dish 12" 14"
Thin Crust 12" 14"

We buy the thin crust and make the rest
We parbake the deep dish and whole wheat