how much are dominos franchise fees?

Just wondering what the domions franchise fee was i herd it was about 7% of gross and 3% marketing

Can anyone tell me what it really is

Royalty is 5.5%…National advertising is 4%…And sometimes there is a regional advertising fund of 1% to 4%…

Wow thats alot

Mine is only .03 and we go alot of volume for a small frachise

So the dominos owner in my 2 towns is paying over 200k a year to domiones

The number that matters the most is what you carry to the bottom line…I do not think you can just compare franchise fees without looking at all the other numbers that make up the income statement…

well we run about the same food cost as domions and our pricing is about the same, but we have great products, we are very very good at taking on domions head on and still making good money on it

And our pizza is Bomb

yes, they charge royalty, national advertising, local co-op advertising. not to mention, they change uniforms every couple years and computers every ten years or so. i’m not sure how those franchisees make it.

I deal with a few Domino’s owners and none seem to complain about being short of cash…And I think 1 has at least 6 stores in his group…