How much are you paying for custom boxes?

We are currently paying,

$0.39 for 12 inch
$0.48 for 16 inch
$0.67 for 18 inch

Is anyone paying less? or should I stop complaining about paying almost $0.50 for a lg box :slight_smile:

47 cents for a custom 16" box for us

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finally just got my new B-flute white 1 color custom boxes
18" $0.52
14" $0.38
10" $0.26
10"clay $0.16
I also use pizza inserts (some call them ripple sheets, etc)

I think the paper will soon be more than the food!#%@#@

We use perfect crust liners. Ended up ditching the 12" liner and using the 10" for both sizes. Less cost, less to inventory.

.37 for 16"
.30 for 12"
.24 for 10"

I too use inserts/ripple sheets and those go for about .07

ok, so who do you get them through? I need some custom boxes done asap.

we use a local paper vendor that we have been using for over 30yrs. If you are new be prepared to pre-pay for a large order. Depending on your volume they might stock them for you. After you have built a relationship with your vendor you can usually switch to pay as you go. Most broadline food vendors can do as well but I have found their pricing to always be higher. Good Luck!

Prices have gone up a lot over the last few years.

We’re at
10" .30
12" .37
14" .41
16" .52

8" .34
10" .38
12" .43
14" .48