How much are your earnings...

Hello all, I, like a lot of other people are on this site because we are wanting to open a pizzeria. Along with that, many of you are on this site because you already have. =)

My question is for all your that own your own pizzerias, What is your take home as the owner. How much money do you pocket each year from the business.

Also give a little information…
Rent cost?
Full bar?

I know all of us make pizza because we love it but everybody wants to make a nice living off it also. Thanks

I think you will have better success with a bit less ambitious set of questions. I often respond to questions here, but I am not going to take a couple of hours to respond to this broad based one or disclose some of the kinds of things you are asking on a public forum.

Spend some time looking though the history on the TT. Many of the things you are asking about have been discussed many times. If there is a single issue you want to dig into, ask a specific question about that after you have poked around a bit in the info that is already here.

Profitability varies with volume and key variables like local labor costs and rents. There is no valid simple rule of thumb. I have seen operators make six figures on 500K in sales and I have seen locations doing over 1,000,000 that lose money.