How much cheese do you put on a pie?

How many ounces of cheese do you put on a 10", 12", 14", and 16" pizza?
How much do you add if they want extra cheese?

10’’ 5.5 oz. Extra 3oz
12’’ 7.5 oz. Extra 4oz
15’’ 12 oz. Extra 5oz

Tom R

10’’ 5.5 oz. Extra 3oz
12’’ 7.5 oz. Extra 4oz
15’’ 12 oz. Extra 5oz

Tom’s got the “hook up” pies goin on. I’m cheap I guess:

Cheese…Extra Cheese
10" 3.5 oz…1 oz
12" 5 oz…1.5 oz
14" 9 oz…2.5 oz
16" 12 oz…4 oz.

Extra cheese should be proportionate in my opinion. If it’s half the original amount on a 10", it should be half the original amount on a 14".

If I order extra mushrooms, how much more do you put on? Most places would double it (extra topping). Even if you have to charge more for extra cheese than a normal topping, remember that the person is ordering more and expects more. The big chains tend to go at 1/2 of what originally comes on the pizza. Whatever you do, don’t charge me $2 for an ounce and a half of cheese. I’m not saying I expect an extra pound for $2, but don’t put me in the under 10% food cost range.

10" 3.6 oz
12" 6 oz
14" 7.2

extra cheese 1/2 more

I am putting about 7.25 ounces of Grande whole milk mozzarella on a thin hand tossed 14 inch pizza and get plenty of coverage.
I suggest for people to try it with that and they rarely ask for extra.
Actually, that amount is more than I personally like on my pizza, people seem to really gravitate to good real cheese.

…just my opinion, only worth maybe half of J_R0kk’s !


I agree about the Grande cheese. You don’t have to use as much to get a full coverage. I use 10.5 on a 16" and it covers it well.

what Grande type do you use ?

I agree that a person should get what they pay for when ordering extra. We charge the same for extra cheese as other toppings. That’s one reason we give 5oz as opposed to 6oz on the large. The other (main) reason we went with the lower amount is, with 12 oz. to start with, we’re already piling on the cheese. I have honestly had customers order extra on a large and later tell me that it was too much! Like j_rokk said, we cater to the cheese freaks, and yes, all the cheese junkies in town know I’m here to “hook 'em up”! :wink:
Tom R

I use the grande whole milk mozz

would never change, my customers rave about it

expensive though

9 oz on a medium, 12 oz on a large

These all seem to be smallish pies - are these average? I always thought 18" was the magic number. I am researching for a future possible pizza enterprise and have founf this site to be tremendously helpful.

I will be keeping things super simple at my shop. I believe 2 sizes will be sufficient. What amount would you recommend on an 18" (my recipe uses
Grande cheese)

Do 14" and 16" pies make more sense in terms of cost? Fill me in gents.

Size differers by area. Here in st. louis market 14" is a large and they are always talking about a 16" with some stupid corporate marketing sounding name, but in reality people expect a 14" pizza unless they’re asking for something otherwise.

12" 8-9 oz xtra 4 oz

16" 12-13 ox xtra 8 oz

24" 26 oz xtra 12 oz

I use 100% whole milk mozzarella.

What about the single person? A 12" pie is great size for those that want something just for themselves. You will be singling out your customers.

IMO: Too much
In my customers opinion: Not enough

I use a sredded mozzerella and provolone blend. Customers seldom ask for extra cheese, but the extra cheese is a double topping cost, and we give 60% of original amount. We wanted to discourage extra cheese when prices were through the roof, and we bumped our standard amount a little when we raised our extra cheese price. Few complain about our cheese, and we get good coverage

10" pie gets 4 oz
12" pie gets 6 oz
16" pie gets 10 oz