How much cheese?

Another thread got me wondering - how much cheese is everyone putting on their pizza? Here’s mine:

12" 4 oz
16" 7.5 oz
20" 12 oz

From what I gather, I’m a bit on the low side, but I seldom get complaints about it (1 or 2 a year) and it’s invariably because someone did not get the cheese far enough toward the outside edge of the pie.

The normal amount of cheese we put on our pizzas are:

12" 7oz
14" 10oz
16" 15oz
18’ 18oz

We cut back an ounce if it is a coupon, special or combination pizza.

If a pizza has extra cheese we put on an extra

12" 3oz
14" 4oz
16" 5oz
18" 6oz

I’m curious, too, about how much cheese people use.

We are at about:

12 7oz
14 9oz
16 12oz


12"-8 OZ
14"-11 OZ
16"-15 OZ

8 ounces on 14" pizza,
other sizes, same amount per square inch.

…extra cheese, 50% more, ie 4 ounces more on the 14", proportionately the same on the others

…another consideration, the kind of cheese will make a significant difference…the same amount of a cheese that has lower moisture, no fillers(like in “pizza cheese”) and higher butterfat will seem like as much as 20% more, when using the some number of ounces…
whole milk vs part skim milk, different blends, etc