How much could a big chain delco opening effect my sales

I have always had the fear of PH or PJ coming into our town and taking half of our sales
Im sure its not if but rathern WHEN they are coming. We are a larger scale delco/dine-in with seating for 80ish we do between 25-30k weeks in the winter and 28-35k in the summer

We do have dominos in our town who does 25k a week and papa Murphys and 3 other places that dont amount to much

So how much could a big chain effect our sales? Should I be confident with with what we are doing and not worry about it? Im sitting on a gold mine and I don’t want to loose that ever

I really value your guys input. I wonder if any of the big 3 franchisees ise pmq to project where there are gaps in the market and use that to locate new store towns

I know I know I sound paranoid but I really am

I’,m guessing not much in the long run. Maybe 10% to start out. Chains simply do not provide long term value to the customer.

Don’t know that I agree with that at all. Maybe not value as you define it, or what you find valuable, however their shear numbers and staying power does indicate that consumers find value in what they are pushing.

Your worst nightmare became our reality 4 months ago when PJ opened right across the street from us. Big chains coming into small towns just sucks. Our sales overall are down 30%, weekends are the worst now with what used to be a $4,000-$5,000 weekend - we are lucky to be at $2,000. It’s depressing. We have had to work twice as hard for sometimes half the money. We do have a few new ideas to roll out but I doubt our sales will ever be what they were a year ago. You can find out who owns the franchise rights in your town but that won’t stop them from coming.