How much does your 16" pizza cost

With costs of supplies and labor going up and up, I thought it would be good to get a gauge on what everyone is at on their pizza prices and where they anticipate their pricing going in the next month to 3 months. In my area, there’s a wide range on prices (higher outside of direct competition and kept a bit lower for direct) and it seems no one wants to be the first one to make that push. I know you shouldn’t really care about what the guy down the street charges, but I just don’t think they stay on top of costs like some us do. We are currently 12.99 for a 16" but throwing around the notion of going to 14.99. it seems like a steep jump, but by the time we get it implemented and agreed upon, who knows what else would be going up

for the past couple years it has been $13. at the first of the year it will be $14.

16" cheese pizza is $15.49 and likely to go up in the near future if food costs don’t abate.

$14.29. I’m planning on another 2 increases of 2% each over the next 6-12 months depending how things go.

$17.40 for a 16" cheese pizza. $1.80 per added topping.

$24 and $2 a topping.

$12.99 16” cheese

$1.75 per topping

I have a deal on Monday and Tuesday for A 16” cheese for $9.00

Pizza is the only menu group Im not really getting hammered on. Diced cheese is $2.30lb. Pizza sauce is up a little.

Fresh Chicken is through the roof.
All Cold cuts are really high
Steak for subs is insane
Veggies are sky high
Labor is unbelievable

I really want to sell more pizza!!

$12 and $2 a topping. Going up on January 1. Agree with December. I just want to sell more pizzas.

Going up to 12 on Jan 1 or are you currently at that?

I’m going up to $13 on Jan 1

I’m currently at 21.99 and $1 for each topping. Just had a raise in prices in October raised it $3.

I just raised my prices 5% across the board in november. My 16" is $22.00. My employees are making $12-15 per hour. Minimum wage is going to $15 Jan 2024. I would like to be ahead of the curve and be there by the end of 2022.

Do you call your 16" a large or an XL? More often than not, I’ve seen the large 16" priced way under people who call theirs an XL

We call ours a family size pizza

Hi Steve,

It is called an extra large.
We changed the name back in the early 2000’s. We grew weary of our guests asking us why our large was more expensive than the other guys. It was a struggle to begin with, as there was confussion on the guests part. We would tell them the large was now 14" and the 16" was now extra large (they didn’t know 14" from 16" just looking at it.



I call my 16 an extra large for the same reasons as wkronberg, parity with the national chains. When we first opened we called our 16 a large and it was constantly explaining to people that our large was bigger than other stores larges and the price difference was mostly because of the size difference. Eventually I decided it was way to hard to educate everyone and just much easier to compete on the same level. Some interesting things happened when we changed what we called a large. First when 16’s were our large they were by far our most sold size, when we switched the 14’s completely took over and we hardly sell any 16’s now. A few customers noticed and groaned but the overwhelming majority of customers never complained or said a thing, they just all started getting 14’s instead of 16’s. That’s been something like 13-14 years ago now and I consider it one of the best moves I made.

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Until recently, we had no national chains to think of as competition. When we opened initially we were on those same 14" large and 16" xl sizes. But our competition was bigger, so eventually we went up in size and only now is it starting to become an issue with price point. No one ever understands the difference between 14" and 16". I do find it interesting, if you ask a customer at a fast food place for small medium or large they almost always go medium, same with a coffee shop. But when it comes to pizza, it’s always LARGE no matter what the inch is

We just ripped off the bandaid and went from serving 3 sizes (Small 10", Medium 14", & Large 18") to 2 sizes (Small 12" & Large 16" - we also serve slices). We now charge $11 & $15. Just finished the first week and we did get a handful of complaints but we expected it

I may do something similar, my box distributor is struggling to get 18" boxes regularly

That had to be rough. I remember starting out and not having a Medium. I swear every call was a Medium back then