How much extra cheese?

Hello all! Was wondering how much extra cheese does everyone put on their pizzas. We currently put a total of 12 ozs on our 16’ pizza, 9 ozs on our 14’ pizza and 6 ozs on the 12". So how much more do you put on the pizza when someone wants extra cheese? Thanks

xtra cheese for us is half the normal amount

Extra cheese is 1/2 more than normal for us.

10" = 2 oz
12 = 3 oz
14" = 4 oz
16" = 5 oz

The 16" should be 5.3 oz but I call it 5 for simplicity sake

I round up from 50% of regular cheese. For example, 16" gets 11 oz regular cheese and 6 oz for extra cheese.

Same here. Half the original amount.

yup i do half too!