How much for case of Stanislaus tomatoes?

I am just looking to get a guage of where my pricing stands for 7-11 ground peear tomatoes and Saporito Super Heavy Pizza Sauce w/ basil. I think all their products run close in terms of pricing, so anything would be useful I guess.

I am paying tomorrow: ground tomatoes - 26.98 and super heavy - 27.98.
These are both a couple bucks higher than I have been paying from another source, but I can’t get to restaurant depot right now until Monday. So, I have to pay the piper. Is this a high pricing compared to other regions? I’m not looking to smack down a supplier, but to get a rough guide to negotiate if needed.

Full Red Pizza Sauce = 23.38 per case. I am in Seattle.

My supplier changes the names in the catalog but here is what is available in my area. I have done the currency conversion back to USD.
Tomato sauce fancy $28.12
Tomato Puree Heavy $32.64
Tomato Paste $39.89
Tomato Crushed(Full Red Concentrated Crushed) $31.63
Tomato Strip in Juice $28.17
Tomato Ground(7/11 Ground Tomatoes) $26.46

Hope this helps.

I am paying from my supplier in Pa.
Ground pear 7/11 Stanislaus 23.75
Saporito Super Heavy Pizza Sauce with basil 26.48

Full Red Tomato Puree…$20.69/ case

Wow, I can’t believe what you guys are paying for this stuff, I guess for once it is good to be in Chicago.


7-11 $23
Saporito Super Heavy $25.50

New York

I don’t have receipts with me now but we pay around $20 a case, depending on the exact product. I believe the pizza sauce is around 21 something now – used to be under 19 not too long ago.

Yes! I could the extra cash.

7/11 $20.99 in NJ from Roma.

northeast US Food
Saporito - 24.95
Suzy Bel - 23.45
74/40 - 22.15
7/11 - 20.32

So Nick am I to understand you take a “road trip” to pick up supplies?..

Now this may not work in your market, however, in the past I did those same kind of road trips until I realized it was not making me more money…Instead I took the time and money a trip cost and I used it to personally deliver free pizzas…This had a way larger payback than the savings on a few groceries…

PS…If you are doing it in conjunction a social trip to town then the math is different…

Royce, I am with you on the trip cost and effective savings or not. RD is in North Atlanta, maybe 15 minutes from friends we go up to visit a couple times a week. I nevr would do it in the past until they moved out where they are now. I drive past it going in and coming back.

When I spend $250 at the RD, I save an amazing $35 to $55 over distributor delivery, depending on what I buy that wek. I also get access to a few things my distributor(s) don’t carry. Can buy single units (gallons) of stuff so I don’t have a whole case sitting on a pantry shelf that will take 5 months to consume. I get t o buy some groceries for personal use/develoment projects there as well. I agonized over and over until I took the plunge.

Just in tomatoes, it can pay for my gas (that I would be buring either way) by buying 6 just cases. Some foam containers, packed peppers in gallons, ricotta with no stablizers, and salad dressings/mayo . . . .I make money there fast.

I pay 20.5 for alta cucina and 20.10 for tomato magic, but I can think of a million better reasons why its good to be in Chicago!