How much freezer space do you need?

Working on my floor plan and have dedicated a space of 8x10 for a walkin but what about freezer space? I can’t think of too many items you need to have in a freezer, but maybe I am mising something.

I am thinking of allowing space for a free standing freezer with aronund 35-50 cuft. What does everyone think?

Also I have the floorplan in an excel format anyone have an idea how to post on this forum for viewing so I can get some feedback?

I have a 60 seat restaurant and I have 2 freezers. One is a chest type freezer (sorry do not know cf) 6’x3’x3’deep in the back of the store to keep boxes of french fries, onion rings,mozzarella sticks and chicken fingers in. I also have a smaller size (about the size of a home kitchen refridgerator and freezer) in the actual kitchen to store bags of these items for easy reach when orders come in. I also keep my spumoni and Ice cream in it.
Hope that helps alittle.

i have 2 reach ins,and 4- 8 foot chests,still i need more

I have a 2500 sq ft operation (del, carryout mainly).

I have two 21 cu ft uprights, and one brand new 49 cu ft swing door. I figure I could use another 49 cu footer for comfort and expansion. We use frozen dough, chicken fitters, beef and pork toppings, sub rolls, fried ravioli, meatballs, chicken breast strips, philly steak pucks, cheesecake, baklava, totillas, gyros meat, and a few other things. We pack it in most weeks, and coule use a little extra freezer capacity now that we’ve expanded our overall space to put such things.

We may just dump back to a walk-in freezer and save a little overall utlities. We’ll see how money plays out.

Holy Cow! I guess I should think of future expansion and needs. As of right now we are developing the menu consistanting of mainly pizza, gourmet salads, desserts (Pepperming Ice Pie, Rootbeer floats). We gave the fried foods some thoughts but are deciding to stay with the heathy theme or natural/organic etc.

I guess the old saying, you can never have enough seem to hold true. Thanks for all the input, this place is great and have been a huge help in the development of our pizzeria. Can’t wait to get it opened up!

We started with two old . . . and I mean old . . . household stand-up freezers with 19 cu ft each. We slowly added on the extra capacity and flexibility to add new items to menu. Statrt with a little extra space with an eye twoards expansion as needed.

If I had the $$$ to start, I would have put in a walk-in freezer straight off. Didn’t work out that way, so I have to balance heat issues in my cooler room. :shock:

I agree if space and money is available I would get a walk in freezer it will pay for its self…there have been plenty of times I could get great deals like at gfs and would stuff my freezers but there was only so much room

I may be the oddball here, but I have a 12 x 16 walk in fridge, and only 1 upright freezer. We get 2 deliveries a week, and I don’t freeze much (wings, philly meat, pasta, meatballs, desserts). I’ve never had a problem.

Sorry to confuse…

I don’t know if I emphasized that we use frozen dough balls. That takes a chunk of freezer space, and frees up some cooler and floor space. Without the dough to manage, we could get by with the two-door and the one upright (49 and 21 cu ft).

We would find a way to fill any one we have with new product that would sell, though. I hate the idea of empty space sitting around being cooled and not paying for itself :smiley:

Thanks everyone, I guess I need to figure out a way to post my floorplan for review. I have it in excel format so maybe I can print and scan it into a different format. I have to get the floorplan done before I can figure out the build out cost and then take it to the bank.

Also I have the floor plan in an excel format anyone have an idea how to post on this forum for viewing so I can get some feedback?

If you will post a phone # or Email address I will contact you and offer to critique your plan and redo it with a cad system. We have done hundreds of pizza shop plans.
George Mills

Thanks George. If you want to email me off list use this -

Here are some details of what I am dealing with. The space is set at 65 long and a width of my choosing. Looking at 32 ft wide at this point. This give me 2080sf to work with. For every 1 foot of width my lease payment goes up $176 a month (its about $2.71sf per month).

The contstruction will not start on the main building until around April so my buildout will not happen until August at the earliest, more likely September.

My goal is a casual seating capacity of around 50-60 with full capacity around 70+ (you don’t always get 6 people in a booth all the time etc.)

I will check later for your email and forward the plan over to you. Thanks again to you and all those helping me with this project. I just love this place!