How Much Sauce on wings

I have been searching and cannot find the reference someone made for putting sauce on wings.
I use a conveyor oven and am considering cooking raw wings once and then add sauce as I cook them the 2nd time.
Did I remember correct that it was about 4 oz for 12 wings?

Hey Bubba,
Ya 4 oz is about right, but… we toss them after they are cooked, I guess it depends on what you want your finished product presentation to be. Also, offer some different flavors i.e. Hot garlic, General Tso’s, Garlic Herb (Butter, fresh chopped garlic, a little basil, oregano and parsley) You won’t be sorry :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t recommend running raw meat through your conveyor.

Thats how we do them. Our portion is 3.5 oz for 10

Hi Pirate,

Are you cooking raw wings through your oven???

I would like to know if anybody on here is doing a raw to baked wing with no frying??

I used to cook my wings this way but was threatened by the Health dept to be required to put fire suppression in my hood and into my pizza ovens. They said we would have to do this if we cooked any raw meat through the oven. We would prep the wings by putting them on a sheet pan and running them through the conveyor oven three times. We would then portion and refrigerate and run them through one more time when ordered. Now we use a precooked wing and just run through once when ordered.

Paul where do you purchase your wings? What brand?

i use a Tyson precooked wing and use Franks sauce.

We use Tyson 1 and 2 joint raw, but we fryem first.

With the Franks suace do you mix it down? With butter or anything else?

My biggest seller of wings, outside of hot and mild, is a blackberry balsalmic.

What are you paying for your wings rightnow?