How much time do you spend in your shop?

I have previous owned a bar and a full service restaurant in NY. I have since sold them and moved to NJ where I’m considering opening a pizzeria. I’m wondering about how many hours a week do all of you spend in your shop ? From going through some of these threads it sounds like a lot of you never go home! Thanks.

We have two locations for pizza and 1 locations for coffee and ice cream, we try to have a family member present as much as possible. I’d say I’m in one of the stores around 50-60 hours a week. We don’t have offices so a lot of back office stuff is done at home, that can easily add up to another 10 hours a week for myself. Probably 80 for my mother who does all the book keeping. It helps having 5 of us to count on for different areas of the business/locations

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I am in my shop about 50 hours a week. It used to be closer to 60+ until I was finally able to get some good help and I am able to take off a day a week and 1 afternoon off.

in the last 20 yrs I drop 10 hours every 5 yrs so I went from 90 t0 80 to 70 to 60…hoping the trend continues I am 42 and too old for more than 60hrs/week. I do not make food orders of any kind unless my main 2 guys are out which is a couple days a year. I handle front counter, phones, order, expedite, coordinate deliveries and basically manage all aspects of the business. I am a self-admitted perfectionist which doed not help cut the cord

we have closed every sunday and shut down for a week every summer which helps keep my sanity too

We just opened 10 months ago.

I always tell people if the “Open” sign is on, then I’m here! Also, my wife is putting in at least 40 hours a week too.
Sales have been steadily going up, and I know that sometime soon we should be able to get at least 1 day off together.

5 hours per week.

When i was 23 years old i was doing 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. Now I’m 33 and we have 2 very busy shops and I’m at about 15 hours a week, my wife does the same at her store. I never work in her shop, just fix stuff.

Lately since we just had our 1st child ive cut back to just friday and sat night

I’m in my store maybe 5-10hrs a week. I don’t like having it were if I’m not there then the store cant run properly.

Yup gotta cut the cord sometime, if sales allow. When i started my dream was to hit 10k a week, man when i did that i thought i was big time! lol I had no idea what was coming

It really depends on what type of situation you have. Are you a just an owner ? or a owner/operator ?

Right now i am a owner/operator, so a light week for me is 50 hours, normal is 60, bad is 70+. Office work is usually another 10 hours a week. But i can do that whenever i want. I just have the one store, and no GM. I like my job right now and it pays the bills.

Once my loans are payed off, i will probably start the transition to an owner.

So what was coming I have to know!

2 shops doing between 50-60 a week combined

My brother and I both work 60+ a week and I have no idea how anyone who owns a pizza store can make it so they dont have to be married to the store. I want to start a thread on a how to divorce yourself from the store

In the store making pizzas, taking orders, helping with deliveries about 10 to 15 hours a week.

Planning, strategizing and worrying 168 hours a week.

My youngest daughter’s wedding was last Saturday so I took the day off. Everyone was so proud of me for doing so.

I stop in the store about 5-10 times per week. Most often for 5-15 minutes to look things over. I do it at various times of the day as my errands take me past that part of town. About once a week I sit down at the computer for 30-40 minutes and look over all the numbers and match the deposits online and adjust our daily revenue forecast going forward. Once or twice a week I talk with the GM about whatever is going on for 20-30 minutes.

Now that most of our bills are paid by CC I sit down to write checks twice a month. That takes about 10-20 minutes because I only write 3-4 checks each time. (GM does payroll over the phone with ADP)

A couple of times a year something is going on that I need to pay more attention to. Things like re-pricing, menu changes, major equipment issues, advertising are projects that will add a couple of hours when they come up.

When I first bought my store and there were no systems in place I was working 60+ hours every week. If I wasn’t there, money was being stolen or customer service was suffering. As the years have gone by we have put systems and procedures in play to insure accuracy of the till and level of customer service. I currently have a GM who does the hiring, training and scheduling whose pay is significantly dependent upon growth of sales. He has done a great job and hopes to own my store in the future. My wife does the bookeeping for the business and I do the ordering and marketing. I’m not on the schedule at all but spend 25-30 hours a week at the store. I’ve moved 45 minutes away and can no longer be on call to come in to take a delivery or two. There are still a few days a year where 16 hour days are a must but they are few and far between.

Over the summer I had a few beers with a buddy who co owns the busiest pizza shop I know. In talking about the hours we work he said (only somewhat jokingly) that it seems the less the role he plays in the management, the busier his store gets.

I work in my shop on Friday and Saturday nights. 16 hours total. Check in every day about an hour or so. Like many of you, I spend a lot of time planning, marketing, and doing paperwork.

in 2015 I was doing 70-80/wk

We have three kids, one of which was having some very serious issues in December so since mid december I’ve cut back to 30-40 hours

(neither of these numbers account for hours I put in at home - probably 5-10 a week at least)

We opened Jan 3rd and are a mom/pop set up with just my wife , myself, a couple of trainees with disabilities, and 1 volunteer pizza helper. I make every pie, all the dough and do all the prep work as well as much of the cleanup. We recently added lunch hours (12-2) and I have been working about 50-60 intense hours a week. We have a retired chef coming in Tuesday morning that will do the prep work for lunch/diner. This will allow me to come in at 11am and work the 12-2 lunch, do some prep and take a nap on our patio in my 0 gravity chair before opening for diner at 5-8pm :slight_smile: . This will get me in the 40-50 hour range doing 11am - 9pm (with a hour or 2 off before diner) Tues- Fri and 3-9 on Saturday. We are closed Sun/Mon and no lunch on Sat. We have had lines forming 45 minutes before opening each shift and standing room only. We ran out of dough Fri and Sat night which is ok because enough $ is coming in to pay the bills. We want this experience to be a long one and help many people with disabilities find more meaning in their lives. I love making the pizza and Judy runs the register, salads, books. We are at retirement age so need to keep this thing under control and not let it get crazy and fry us out. Walter

I thought that if you Love what you do, you never have to work. lol. 30-40 a week for me.