How much volume are you doing with your decks?

I am contemplating ripping out my conveyors in favor of deck ovens. I am worried about there ability to handle production and am looking to see how many pizzas per hour you guys are turning out with your decks?

I’m curious too…we’re planning on taking over a spot w/decks…way to long since I’ve cooked any volume there…

I’m a fan of the CTX ovens I had in my 1st shop…not a big fan of the MM360 in the last shop…

I luv the convenience of conveyors for volume, but I see other decj\k stores pumping out the pies, but not any discount pies…

Your decks can only pump out as much pizzas as your oven guy can handle. I was the oven guy before I got a Roto-flex and found it difficult for anybody to handle 4 full decks at once. I would say that unless you have an experienced person at the oven it would be hard to do more than $20k/week with decks (assuming 1 oven guy). Then again I have seen a place with a wall of decks (8 I believe) that must pump out more than that but I am sure they have more than 1 oven guy.

I’m in Michigan and want to get rid of my decks and get conveyors, Wanna trade??

I have 2 BP Y600 and I can do an average of 96 pizzas an hour with both running. I really good oven person can handle it with a helper to cut and box when there are more then 2 pizzas that need to come out at the same time. We just did an order for 126 pizzas and it took us around 1.5 hours but we were also sorting them into classes for the school so we gave ourselves extra time. Deck ovens are great and I think you get a better pizza then from a conveyor but you have to train people how to use them!

i can only fit 8 pies in my bp deck ovens… i can pump out about 60 pies an hour but its time to upgrade as fridays get too busy and wait times increase. I’ve just purchased marsal 660 stack and waiting for install. figure you can cook your capacity times 8 minutes a pie.

May I ask what make and model conveyors you have?