How much

What’s the average amount of mozz. On a 16" pizza?

I put 10.5 ounces on a 16".

13 oz

11 oz on ours



We change the amount based on what else is on the pizza.

Just Cheese we put 18 oz.
One topping we put 16 oz.
Multiple Toppings we put 14-15 oz.

Anything less then that our customers will kill us.

I wish I could pull off the 8-11 oz like some of you, that just shoves your profit up where I wish ours was. People in the Chicago area love their cheese so you can’t skimp.


12 oz
cheese only 16 oz

14.1 wt. oz.

They’ll also pay for that cheese! Not that way in rural Georgia . . . different economics.

10 oz on a 16" pie . . . . I am raising my price to $13 next month. Yeah, hard road to hoe at that rate.

Good for you Nick - I been at 13.99 for 2 years.

16oz but that’s on a 15 inch pizza

I get $13.60 for a 16"thin crust pizza with cheese (18oz).

If you are at 10 oz, your cheese cost is about $1.00 per pizza less than me and your price is going to be 60 cents less. I think you are doing pretty good down in Georgia at your price.