How NOT to get my business...

…if you just joined today for the sole purpose of spamming me via PM you won’t get very far with me. I give my business to those that contribute to the board like George Mills, AIB’s Tom Lehmann, and others. No-name sales folks need not bother me.

From: tmamayek
To: dewar
Posted: Tue Feb 26, 2008 5:48 pm
Subject: online ordering Quote message
I was wondering if you were thinking of the next thing to do to offer a more convenient place to eat to your customers while streamlining processes at the same time? What I mean by this is an online ordering solution, very similar to what Dominoes, Pizza Hut, and Papa Johns have currently. Our solution is tailored to the pizza industry and allows for a customer to order from start to finish all on one website, yours. The orders are then transmitted to your restaurant either by integrating it into your POS, or if you don;t have a POS, through a thermal printer.

If this is something that is of interest to you, please give me a call or send me an email.

Ted Mamayek

I know exactly what your talking about,they sent me the same thing.

Ditto…Not sure he paid any attention to who he was sending too as he thought my clients would enjoy the wifi…But seeing how I only have internet customers I think not…

Any chance a webmaster is out there reading this thread? This guy registered 2/26/2008, has no posts, and is SPAMMING us with PM advertising for his business.

He at least needs to pay for the privilege of sending unwanted advertising to me directly through this forum :slight_smile:

He needs to pay PMQ as well. I do believe they may want to be paid for people to advertise through them.

The guy obviously is not a real businessperson. Probably just gets an affiliate’s commission. :roll:

This is why the guy thinks this is a good fishing hole.

The first annual License Fee is $2,000 per location or site
The Account Executive will make $400 for each package sold
Trips for Top Achievers
PAYDAY is EVERY Friday. Everything received by Monday gets paid the next Friday
At target you’re at $100K/yr = 8,300 per month (THIS IS JUST 3 UNITS PER WEEK!)

We have a 2 Hour Training Class via for product knowledge and sales training. After the training meeting, you will have all the sales materials that you will need and you will have all of the knowledge necessary to start closing deals immediately!

Maybe PMQ should sent these guys a bill.

Just for laughs and giggles i copied the message and whent to this guys website and sent it to their Contact US. I wouldn’t be supprised if they don’t like the guys method of sales calls either.

I got the same dwang thing from this guy:x

I run a Web Consulting firm in my spare time. Can someone email me a copy of the email and I will report it to the proper Internet Provider as SPAM and they will block his emails from going out.

Dave Hatz

It’s an internal bulletin board thing, and not email spam. I forwarded the message I got on to the Webmaster advising the situation and asking if this is a situation of deleting an account and blcking the IP or whatever they do up there.