How often do customers complain about sliding cheese?

Hey guys,

I recently discovered a new product on the market called The Pizza Seatbelt and I was wondering how big of a problem you experience this is in your shop. How often do you get calls from a customer that the cheese has slid to one side of the pizza during delivery and you have to make them a new one? Let’s say on a yearly basis how often does it happen?

once, maybe twice. It is always from a new driver who was going to fast around corners, or not holding the bag properly right after the pizza came out of the oven.

One benefit to making the pizza’s wait a minute or two before they are bagged up, is it gives the pizza time to cool enough for the cheese to “harden” up.

Same as d9phoenix

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We usually don’t have calls about it at all, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. I watched their video on their website and I really don’t think it’s very practical. For one, they are showing just a box on the platform, not a decent sized order, let alone in a bag.

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Never. The only time I can see this as a problem is on extra sauce pizzas and when the drivers tilt the bags unnecessarily, which I make sure they never do.

Not required IF you have your cooks be careful with the sauce spread. If the cheese has to float on sauce it will slide. It will also slide right off the slice and burn your lip when you bite into it… Minimum of 1/2" of cheese overlap onto un-sauced crust so it can hold on!