How often do you change your fryer oil?

just a general query wondering whats the average oil should be changed.


Should be more of a visual thing then anything else,IMO.I’m going to have 3 fryers and go from 1,2,3.Wings will always be cooked in the ‘dirtiest’ one and fish,if u have it, in the cleanest.When the dirtiest one gets changed then that becomes the ‘clean’ one.If you have a few days where people order few fried items for some reason,are you going to change because it’s been so many days?

We used the best canola oil we could get our hands on and we also kept it in better shape by filtering after rushes and using a product called Miroil (If my memory serves) once a day to help it along as well. I would wind up getting a week out of the oil most of the time, and we were high volume with lots of different appetizers on our menu that sold very well. We would also only turn one fryer on until we were busy and then fire up the second, just to try and save gas, keep the kitchen cooler, and keep the wear and tear on the oil as low as possible. Good luck!

aacckk, keep fish and flavor tainters to one fryer :slight_smile: Reserve your other fryers for clean tasting products.

But yes, it does help rotating a “primary use” fryer on a daily basis unless volume has all fryers being used the same amount.

It mostly depends on fryer type, oil quality, cooking temp and volume to mention a few. A sitting fryer can “spoil oil” also.

Filter fryer nightly, keep floating particles out of the oil constantly. Boil out weekly.

In my experience look to get a week to 10 days out of your oil.

But like posted above look at it. Is it smoking a lot ? Are your products looking dark, too dark ? Taste something. Burned out oil will give your products a burnt taste when cooked normally.

As for the “spoiled oil” look for foaming as if someone added laundry detergent to it. It’s time for a change…

“Filter fryer nightly, keep floating particles out of the oil constantly.”
Does this mean skimming the top with a metal filter-like object?
Is this J.T. also?

Yep, Skimming with one of those metal skimmers will help alot, and I even pick up the basket and hold it over the floor before adding anything breaded so that the loose stuff falls on the floor instead of in the oil.

When I worked at McD’s in HS that was one the biggest no-nos.NEVER add a thing to the baskets when they hanging above the fryer.Especially the wing blood/water.

I change mine every 3,000 miles. -J_r0kk

Does anyone use an outside service like “Filtafry” to clean your fryer and filter your oil?

That nasty wing blood/water needs to be drained off, rinsed off, and wished off!!! I try to get rid of as much of that as I can before It even gets close to the fryer, and of course I don’t want that stuff on the floor either! I am on the fence about the whole fresh/steamed wing debate, on one hand I want the freshest, but the steamed are much safer and no blood/water to deal with!