How often do you doorhang?

For those that doorhang, how often and how many?

We go out every week and pass out flyers. It’s been doing great for us. The amount we do depends on the time we have to do it in.

Never, it would be considered littering here and would hurt my business.

Don’t have doorhangers? Trifold your menus and staple a rubber band to them. Once the rubber band is attached simply hang your menus on potential customers’ doors! It works like a charm and will really hold well in bad weather or rain (which reduces litter).

I hope that is a helpful tip!

We do it everyday 2 apartment complexes is average in one week sometimes we skip a day but the next we do 4 complexes. Yes we get some of them complaining but we have to keep doing it. Response is amazing

I door hang once a week usually on Thursday. I pay a service to do it they charge $150 for 2500 doors


Now that the weather in nice, I will be having my employees door hang 5 days a week (M-F). I like to have the door hangers all hung before 4:00. When people are done with work and driving home, the main thing on their mind usually is what they are going to do for dinner. So with dinner on their mind, I want my door hanger to be the first thing they see when they get to their door. It makes the decision to use my door hanger and order from my place that much easier.

I wish I had a service that could do doorhanging for me out here! Ugh

have a company like MPP to produce your doorhangers. list yourself in the student jobs, post HELP WANTED signs and you will have help in no time. there you go. pay someone min wage and show them the areas you want the drops to be done and there you go. It takes some experience because you may have to provide transportation. Think about it, it’s very easy to do.

I do think about it, I am IN the business. And hiring someone…great idea! Except one small detail, the garbage cans, ditches, and bushes do NOT need my business. Sure, hire someone to doorhang them…find out they dumped em…oh and then I still have to pay them cuz that is the way the law works here. No thanx.

you’re right and i didn’t mean that you don’t think about it. But you know it doesn’t happen all the time. If you want honest people see if you have friends of friends or people connected to you that would be interested in a part time job. I used to do it for people who knew me personally a while back and that’s how i showed interest in advertising :).

just trying to help.

I am just in a bad mood. Ignore me.
Anyway, yes. I am thinking that I may just use my current staff to do some. They have a vested interest in not throwing them in the dumpster. I love what the terdal guy had to say about using current menu’s. I just got my new order in last friday (from MPM, thanx Summer!), they will be hitting mailboxes starting tomorrow. But making them doorhangers as well is a great way to increase my use of them, they are not cheap to say the least. And tacking on another cost of doing doorhangers, plus paying staff to distribute is not something I fancy right now.

Find a sports team or church group that needs to do some fundrasing…They are usually reliable and cheap…

I hired my nephew to door hang last summer. He hired some of his friends to do it because he thought that it would be a good way to make money without doing much work. Just like you said the bushes ditches and garbage bins got most of them.

I made him and his friends pay for the flyers that got dumped and went back to the post office.

Years back I paid a couple of neighborhood kids to door hang. I paid them $5 an hour and $1 for every coupon that was redeemed. Each door hanger had 3 coupons on them. So it was in their best interest to hang as many doors as possible and not throw them away. It worked out really well.

Now THAT! Is an idea! Perfect.