How often do you filter?

For you guys with fryers out there, as you probably already know, shortening isn’t cheap. Might even be one of your more costly items. How often do you filter? Never, weekly, daily, multiple times throughout the day? Also, do you polish your shortening (use a filter agent such as Magnesol) and if so how often? What is your avg. shortening life?

I filter daily…and my shortening life is 10-14 days. I have another question for the group…how often do you boil out your fryers?

Filter daily…boil out when new oil added…1st week oil is used for fries only, 2nd week is used in the chicken fryer…

We fry HEAVY…but have no filter yet although we’re shopping again now that the end of the year was favorable to our check book. I run 2 45lb fryers, heavily hand bread many of our menu items, and we drain and boil out our fryers once a week. I’m trying to decide on a filter, paper medium vs. ss screen only, and believe that when we do purchase, we’ll filter after every service, and hope to delay our oil change outs to maybe every other week. (hey…it could happen!)

I believe most fryer companies do not recommend boiling. We stopped in the early 90’s when Henny Penny, Frymaster & Winston expressed the dangers of it. Boiling isn’t necessary, a good degreaser, green scratch pad and a hose will do as good a job w/out ever having to worry about boil over. And a week really isn’t very long between shortening changes. With proper filtration you can go many weeks with just topping it off after filtering.