How profitable is a pizza buffet?

Is it cost effective to have a pizza buffet and how does it compare to regular sit down and take out restaurants–in terms of popularity and profitability? Items would be primarily pizzas, pastas, salads, soft serve drinks and soups…

My husband and I did the “buffet” thing for many years with All You Can Eat Pizza, Pasta, Soup & Salad. While the economy was flourishing we did fine. But as the economy diminished in our area we found ourselves throwing out way too much food. Another mistake we made was allowing our “loyal” customers to come in and tell us what kind of pizza they wanted on the buffet. If you decide to do this be firm from the very beginning about what you will put on the buffet. Another thing to watch out for - some employees will load up the buffet just before closing time in hopes that they can take the left-overs home - so be firm in your policy of what to do with pizza left over from the buffet. So I’d say a lot of it depends on your local economy. We are getting ready to open a new store in a different area altogether and we are sooo excited to think about getting full menu prices again. :stuck_out_tongue:
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i agree with beachygirl don’t let the customer dictate what goes on the buffet don’t put thin crust on the buffet it is not profitable also you need to make sur your town can support a buffet i made the mistake of opening ina small town (2500) and doinga buffet losing my shirt over it tried to stop but lost over half of the cuystomers just recently restared on certain nites and at lunch i put the basics on it, a pep, a beef, a cheese, & a delux and a dessert and thats it no hawaian no with jalepenos

you get what i saying you control it or you will lose out

but my next store will be totally delco no dining room

Here is a link from the Think Tank archives … read=15141

And here is some info about buffets from an article we ran in PMQ.

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A successful buffet is almost rocket science in that it requires much more thought than simply setting pizzas out under heat lamps. One operator in Wisconsin has embraced the buffet concept in a big way by offering an all-day buffet during the summer months, scaled back to weekends the rest of the year.

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