How the world sees this industry … ery-p,504/

As with everything the media sensationalize and the uninformed public will believe what they see.

Daddio… the onion is a satirical publication.

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I am aware of the Onion but I hear the same thing on the streets on a daily basis. There was a shop in eastern Canada that was busted recently that was selling drugs. Way they were busted is the police noticed people coming and going without “buying” anything. The media was all over it.

Unfortunately many of our applicants, and over the years several of those we hired, believe that story and attempt to live it.

Try operating in a state where “medical” marijuana is legal and anyone can get a card to have it and smoke it. We had to restate our store policies to make it clear that regardless of the new legal status that having it at the store or being high at work was a firing offense the first time… no warning. And, that a manager who did not enforce this would be fired too.

What ever happened to a shot of Bourbon for medicinal purposes?