How thick is your sauce

Wondering what thickness is a majority of everyone’s pizza sauce?? Wondering if my sauce is to watery, been making it the same for many yrs, but recently have had a few customers tell me that it seems that my sauce is a little to watery, thus making pizzas soggy

Ours is pretty thick, it could also be the amount of sauce your using and don’t forget veggies add water to the pie when you cook (if they are below the cheese). To answer your question I would say its about like the consistency of ketchup, maybe a little thinner but not much.

Yeah I would say ours is not that thick much more thinner, I have in the last few yrs have my workers put all the meats except for bacon on first on top of cheese, then the veggies, I made it a practice to put the bacon on last, leaves it nice and crisp, but not burnt. Much more the consistency of mmm. Not sure what to compare to, but this is our recipe we have used for many yrs:
5 - gl pail
3 - cans of super heavy sauce
3 - 3/4 cans water

Maybe will experiment and use only 3: 1/4 to 1/2 cans of water.

ah we are use the super heavy sauce and and 3 cans of water, I also think our seasoning thickens it up over night.

Same here with sauce thicking up over nite, then I catch myself adding about a cup of water to losen it up a little. I have noticed over the last 3 months though our sauce coming out of the can has been on the thin side, maybe thats the issue, product inconsistency, seems from my memory every winter the product comes in on the thin side. We use Bellissimo

Have you changed the garlic you use in you sauce? Garlic has an enzyme that will thicken tomato sauce. If the garlic has been heated this will slow or stop the thickening process.

As for product consistency I wonder why season would have much to do with it. The product should all be harvested and canned during the sames season unless they are reconstituting a concentrate. Maybe another argument for fresh packed tomatoes?

We have not change a single thing with our sauce, and have no idea what the season has anything to do with how thin the sauce has been, just telling you what I have noticed that in the winter months the sauce coming out of the can is a lot more thin coming out of the cans, I can just tip the can over & it pours out kind of like a very thin condensed soup, but in the summer months I have to us a spatula to just get it out. How would I know if the manufacture is reconstituting a concentrate??

To find out if it is reconstituted check the label. It will say from concentrate in the indigence. Fresh packed is best.

NOPE… label says “packed from fresh California tomatoes” “california extra heavy pizza sauce”. No where on the label does it say from concentrate

We use the super heavy sauce also. Use 2 cans of water and 2 cans of sauce plus seasoning in our batch. Mix with drill, put in the walkin. The sauce is best after it has been sitting in the walkin for 2 days, it seems to thicken up how I like it at that point. You can also “thin” the sauce out by making sure that it is properly mixed. I notice that when you take the bucket out of the walkin in the morning it is very thick and jello-like. Using the drill with paint mixing attachment, mix the sauce before pouring it into cambros. This will “thin” it by mixing everything up, plus incorporating a good amount of air into the sauce.
Tips I would recommend to help you out:

  1. Let the sauce sit for 2 days before you use it, if possible (don’t let sit more than 6…its bad at this point).
  2. Never add more water to “thin” it out. You have a recipe that you follow, adhere to that. All this is doing is changing the taste and consistency of your product. If you take these liberties to add water to the sauce and another line worker sees you doing that, what will stop them from doing the same?
  3. Mix well
  4. I have also noticed sometimes there will be batches (cases) of tomatoes that are thinner than others. Eventually it will go away. I have never made a correlation between summer and winter, though.
  5. If the above doesn’t help then I would highly recommend using less water. More into a 1:1 ratio.

Hope this helps.


There is probably some difference in “viscosity” of the sauce from can to can…Years ago I worked at Mothers Pizza…They had a little device that we poured the sauce into…We then recorded how far the sauce ran down in a certain period of time…Depending on whether the time was shorter or longer than the standard, they adjusted measurements of other ingredients that went into the batch…

PS…It has been over 30 years so I am not sure if I remember this correctly…

I’ve stopped using traditional ‘pizza sauce’ in a can, tho I’ve used good brands before & added water…

Instead,I switched to a crushed tomato product from Stanislaus, called ‘Toato Magic’ & add my spice mixture…much happier with the taste…

It would seem the easiest answer is to use a consistent product. We’ve used Stanislaus 7/11 from day one and haven’t seen one bit of difference in the product no matter what time of year.

Its the same exact as I have done for yrs, I will never use my sauce until its sits in the walkin until the next day, was just trying to figure out why after so many yrs of doing the same thing, I all of a sudden had a customer or two say that it seems my sauce is a little to watery making their pizza soggy. I made a batch yesterday and backed off by 1/4 can of water per can, checked it today and it is alot thicker than normal, more along the line of mmm… I will say like cheese sauce. I will make a few pizzas tomorrow and do a taste test to see any flavor difference, at which I beleive there should not be any flavor change just putting less water in not adding anything like seasoning