How to Better Manage Customer Flow

With pizza advertising, the best return on investment is magnetic postcards. The U.S. Post Office cites a 3- to 4-times greater response with magnetic postcards as compared to traditional, non-magnetic mailers.

You will get response – the problem I most often encounter is that the pizza store can’t handle the amount of calls the magnets generate. What’s the best way to control the flow? Do your own mailing.

If you purchase a mailing permit, Magnets by PAC can design, print and ship your entire order directly to you in carrier route trays. Once you receive them, just take whatever carrier routes you want to mail to the post office and pay the postage. Not only can you target specific areas, you can track where the best response is coming from.

Logon to to learn more about the company and our mailing services. You call also e-mail me directly at my address or respond to this thread.



I do realize that there is no longer anything stating the rule of no advertising on the Think Tank. Even so, I find posts that blatently do nothing but advertise a company extremly annoying. As a previously happy magpac customer(over 100,000 magnets) and one who has plugged magpac on this and the old think tank, I ask you to find a better medium to reach your potential customers. A banner ad perhaps? An answer to someones question about magnets or mailing? Please add something of value to this forum if you are going to use it for self promotion.

Where are the moderators???

I’m happy to answer and magnet questions here, regardless of whether you do business with the company or not.

Go ahead – shoot.

The way Paul is strapped I would careful with that statement. :wink:



We’re familiar with your company and if anyone wants anything they’ll let you know. But if you continue to use our forum as an advertising vehicle I for one, will no longer use your company and will encourage everyone on this forum and every other pizza owner I know not to use you.

The fact that you continued to post after paul7979’s comment is very disrespectful.

Okay, so I am not strapped nor ever will be.

About my 4th month into it, people were coming in to pick up orders they ordered at another location or calling in asking where their delivery was they had called into their previous choice of shop. Magnets really help those who are not paying attention.

My reply to Paul7979 was disrespectful? I mentioned nothing of the company, and offered to answer questions if asked. Zero mention of the company. I have not blasted this site with numerous e-mails. The intent was to simply remind people we’re out here.

You rather missed the point of Paul7979’s message - it wasn’t - answer some questions now it a suggestion for you to participate on this board and add some value on the areas in which you operate i.e. mailing and magnets.

Just coming on here to advertise without adding any value and P*****g off people on the way isn’t likely to do your reputation much good or attract new customers but surely you realise that don’t you.

Funnily enough I see you didn’t get too good a welcome on the Pizza Today board either - maybe take the hint??