how to buy cheese over block?

I currently can buy Saputo whole milk shredded cheese for 61 Cents over block price
and Sorrento @ 75 cents over block prices…
what can I do?? anybody have a suggestion???or what should I pay…or the best I can pay…


here’s the CME daily cheese block and barrel price

that’s about what I am paying for Golden State whole milk mozzarella thruogh Shamrock of AZ


A lot will depend on the volume of cheese you use, and how much your distributor buys at a time. If you 1000+lbs a week I would imagine you can get saputo shredded for 25 cents or so over block. This is assuming your distributor has the buying power to purchase 20K LBS at a time or more. If you are using a small localized distributor that doesn’t specialize in pizza or Italian food, they might be purchasing by the pallet, which kills the shipping cost of it.

We buy about 35,000 lbs a chess a year. I can get the price into the 20 cents over block range when we are busy. The prices creeps back toward 30-35 cents when we are slow. I did get Sysco to agree to 20 cents over blcok for a contract period of about 6 months and they say they will do it again when busy season gets here. We use part skim 100% mozz.

so does the salesguy manually override the price based on block price for every order? by the truckload? what sort of lag is there?

we go through alot also but it seems that nobody is eager enter into this type of agreement


there in lies the rub, today’s block price:
BLOCK Price is 1.8475
your supplier could have bought it 10 days ago at $1.90…
you would have to come to an agreement on how the price is pegged…sales paerson probably would not know what the purchase price was…with the different levels of distribution, it can be complicated…you’d just have to trust,

There is a lag time. It is about 3 weeks and there does have to be some trust involved.

does anybody pay “under” block for that pizza cheese with the fillers…
I understand it is less than block $,

I hear that getting .20 to .30 over block is good for mozzarella but anyone know what price over block is good for smoked provolone. yesterday I was quoted 2.48 lb for Stella smoked prov…that’s about .60 over block, looking back at avg block price in the last 3 wks. my sales person said that aged/smoked provolone pricing is different???