HOW TO Clean a Griddle?

Hey all,
I’m having problems cleaning my griddle (i cook burgers on) and have heard so many ways to “clean” the griddle that i have no idea which is best.

I try to keep it spotless but it never works… i’ve used the “brick” and the Scotchbrite mesh grill with scuff pad… for both i’ve tried hot water then scrub… and tried Veg. Oil and scrubed… neither worked very well at all.

I just heard of a new one, put ice on the HOT griddle and it will “boil it off”. Won’t this possibley crack the Griddle?

Thanks all for the help!

If no one steps up with an answer. Try the forums over at It isn’t pizza specific, so you should find several operators with griddles over there.

I use a liquid grill cleaner. Warm up the grill put it on and whipe it off then finish off with a brick

Thanks Scott, i just posted up!

3m & ecolab both make a liquid cleaner. I’ve used both but prefer the3M product. Simply turn grill up to 300-325 put liquid on use a scrub pad that is supplied with the intial kit to scrap off the old product from the day that is left, then squeege it off. wipe it down and add a little oil to season it for the next day. Best method i’ve came across in 20+ years and I’ve been using it for last 5.

I know this sounds bizzare but use sprite from your drink machine. Pour liberally over the hot griddle and it will boil off the gunk and you just scrape it down. note: Cooking sprite has an intersting odor.

I keep a squeeze bottle of water next to the grill. Several times per day, I squirt water on the grill. It steams any residue loose, and it removes easily with the spatula. It makes clean-up at the end of the day much easier.

At the end of the day, we use the water again, then a commercial, food-safe degreaser. It removes everything quite effortlessly.

Sprite? I don’t have Coke products so I’ll have to try Sierra Mist :smiley:
I tried lemon juice and that shines it nicely but i have to use a lerge amount of it… I’ll give the Sprite/Mist a try tonight. Thanks!

DC, yes i’ve been having my cooks clean it several times a day now, and once every night with ice and the “grill scrape”. I just found a huge 2 arm (looks to be 6-8" wide) grill scrape in my food magizine for $30. I’m going to order that this week and see how quick and spotless it will be. I can always ship it back :wink:

Thanks again!