How to clean new pizza boxes before use *newbie*


How do you clean pizza boxes before use? I’m a newbie pizza shop operator.
What would you recommend?

Thanks in advance,

Pizza boxes that your pizza go in? Ours come wrapped in plastic and we never have the need to clean them.

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Just use soap and water

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Thanks for your reply. I’ve been doing some research and I think that’s the consensus. I’m adding a pizza tripod and a white, food safe liner on the bottom to minimize the pizza touching the actual box.

Soap and water! hahaha. I’ll try that too, especially for the seafood special.

I’d recommend not worrying about it. If you are deadset on using something under the pizza, just use wax paper/deli sheets.

We use pizza square. We cut on, then place in box

We use

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Shoot me an email and I’ll send you a case of Perfect Crust Pizza Liners —

Thank You!! Send me and email and I’ll send you a “thank you”.

No need. Your product speaks for itself.


Yep, been using them for years. Love them.