How to create ambience on a cheap?

im bland take out spot. not much personality when comes to design, older building, small waiting area, not in need of major renovation but no style either, empty walls, tv playing news, colors really dont match between front and back of the house etc… How i could dress up the store on a budget? (3000). Bigger tv, music, pictures of something (of what? i already have one of screens playing slideshow with food images), cool decor? (nothing comes to mind), has anyone ordered/had something special made that acts like a centerpeace? i realize that i should probably start with new paint, new cealing, new lights, new floors… i get that, but what can i do now to postpone all this good stuff and look better? what was something u did on a cheap that made a difference? whats the coolest thing you have on your walls?

You should accent one of your walls with that brickett material, its really cool.

Or they have this service where someone comes out and puts this laser grid on your wall and they map out different size and shape pictures to fill the wall with, you pick the photos and they frame and size them to all fit on your wall. You could photos of Boston historical stuff, kids eating pizza etc. people are drawn to candid photos of other regular people

We got a hand painted rustic us flag pained on reclaimed pallet planks on one side and a historical Ariel photo of the stadiums around Philadelphia that were demolished for the new ones on the other wall. Some nice modern colored paint and a $20 pan and roller/ brush kit from Lowe’s with some cool local sports or historical photos is definitely the way to go