how to encourage people to pay with cash vs credit

does anyone offers intensive to opt for cash vs credit card when comes to paying for their order? does it work? should i double their rewards points when paying cash? should i automatically give 2% off their order?

My suggestion would be to just get over it. Credit cards are becoming more and more common as the means of payment. Ours are now 70% of sales and I fully expect that to rise to 90% within a couple more years.

Raise your prices 3% and move on.

Agreed bodegahwy

Exactly. It’s pizza and mostly delivery for many of us. My avg check is $30 and credit cards are used on 84% of transactions. Focus more on other areas than this would be my suggestion.

One of the shops in my area has a policy of discouraging the use of cash due to the high crime rate.

I had at one point in time tried to educate my customers of the cost of credit cards to the business but decided to quit. The customers almost felt guilty for using credit cards and the last thing you want is a customer to be uncomfortable doing business with you. Like @bodegahwy said raise your price by 3% and move on to generating more business.

That ship has sailed. Over 100% of sales were paid with credit cards here last year. I know it sounds hard to believe, but when you include server tips and sales tax, the total that the fees are calculated on totaled MORE than sales. Robbers would probably have more success with an ice cream truck, where many sales are transacted with allowances.

If you ever got held up it is bundle of credit card vouchers rather than a bundle of cash

I considered a discount or a surcharge, but figured it wasn’t worth the effort.

Now maybe if some POS software provider made it easy to do, by having an automatic percentage added or dedeucted without the cashier needing to manually do it, I may look at that option again?

@wa dave has the robbery issue increased or decreased since your country’s stance on private firearm ownership changed?
We can go to PM’s about this topic if you’d like, I am just curious. I will state that I advocate responsible firearm ownership by all those who may legally do so. Because criminals by definition ignore laws.

If our state allowed a surcharge for CC I would do it… Unfortunately the only ones allowed to add a surcharge for CC use are the state government themselves… they exempted themselves from the law banning it. A$$holes.

I had a friend tell me about a card processor that charges all the fees to the customer rather than the merchant. I smiled as I thought about it but then realized that the customers would dislike the fees as much as I do. I never looked into it to see how it works but I assume it just adds a charge to the consumer’s card equal to the processing fee for the transaction.
Every idea I see to encourage cash usage or mitigate the credit card fees is going to aggravate customers. About half of the local gas stations charge more for using a card rather than cash. I tend to go to the ones that do not charge extra, even though I fully understand the logic.

Whether a merchant can charge for using a card varies by state. In my state you can’t do it.

What bodega said. Get over it.

Consider it “a cost of doing business”

Card usage generally gets higher ticket averages.

Also, make sure you are getting the “best deal” on your processing .

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It’s about 60/40 here CC vs Cash. Do cash drops, I’m not sure why anyone is worried about someone robbing them for a bunch of money when they can drop X amount in the safe when needed.