how to find closed pizza location

i am looking for to open up a pizzeria and wondering if anybody knows how to find the locations of recently closed down pizza shops or sandwich shops. i know there is a few of them, i just dont think its productive to be driving around looking for “for lease” signs, as its a lot of driving. Thank you.

Check craigslist and any business resellers that may operate in your area.

Maybe try opening the phone book and dialing the phone numbers. If someone answers, chances are that location is still occupied. If you get a disconnected message, you likely found a closed pizza shop. Not all that answer will still be in business as they may have had another location take over their phone number.

Is driving around and putting 1000 miles on your car really that much hassle when looking to open a new business? You’ll spend thousands of dollars and countless hours getting your business open and successful, it’s hard to imagine that a bit of driving around is too much effort.

Look for a local realator who speicalizes in commercial in your area. They will usually know whats for sale, what’s coming up for sale and leases that housed pizza shops.

You can also search Yahoo, Google etc. Type in Pizza shops for sale. That’s a couple of places you can start.

Good Luck

Why would you want to open a pizza rest. in a closed down unit?

And no the answer is not that you have better pizza and can do it faster than the previous owner or you make great pizza at home and all your family and friends think you rock!!

You need to look at the proper demo. and households in the area you want to open up in. This at times, may be several sites at once.

Next to your house and family, you will not put more heart and soul into anything else more important than owning your own business.

Take the time and effort and patience to THOROUGHLY choose your options.

Get ahold of your area food distributor…they know EVERYONE that’s open or closed.


Thats the best advice . They know all the guys that are in trouble and hoping to sell. Thats actually how I got my place 30years ago.

Driving around looking for a closed place is the best thing you can do…It will give you a view of the area that will allow you to see your potential competition, see the potential bottlenecks, see where the population is…All part of the market research you will need to do anyway…

No reason not to look at closed locations as long as you can satisfy yourself that you know why it closed and that it had nothing to do with the location. It can be a great deal, especially if the place that closed was pretty new and has good equipment in it.

My store was a Papa John’s that closed 11 years ago. We have done just fine there since we opened up about 120 days after they closed.