How to fix a Hobart mixer

So my mixer died after 8 years and about 25000 batches of dough 130000 lbs of cheese 10400 lbs of mushrooms and 15000 litres of sauce so I guess it paid its dues cause it was already about 8 years old when I bought the store. So I bought a new one but thought I would like to try to fix this one and keep it as a back up, has any one taken one of these apart? It seems like maybe a gear broke inside because the motor comes on but nothing turns. Any help would be great

I am not certain if it will carry over to where you are, but in several places around the US, I have found that Hobart had an extraordinary factory service program. You can call their main office, and get a technician dispatched from a local or relatively local office - one that knows what he’s doing.
Maybe I’ve just been lucky, but I’ve always felt the cost of a Hobart service call was worth the cost…

I have to take it in for them to look at but I want to try to see if I can fix it myself. I just wanted to know if anyone has done this or knows how before it try.

If you pop open the gear box, it’s very similar to a car’s transmission - basically a semi-automatic (don’t need a clutch, but still need to shift manually). If you have done tranny work in the past, ther’s a chance you could have some luck trying to do it yourself, otherwise, take it in. Question - has it ever leaked fluid? if so, your problem may be that it ran out of the gear lube needed; if that’s the case, you probably only need to replace the fluid to make it work (though you’d need to fix the leak as well.

Don’t really know much more about it, just learned what I could from the Hobart tech who fixed my old one quite a few years back.

That happened to me and I had opened up the back . All mines needed was a new belt it looks like a belt for a car , it broke put a new 1 on and worked like new. :slight_smile:

This happened to us a few years ago. We had Hobart come out, it costed about a grand.

If I remember correctly he replaced the part the hook fits on and put grease on top. He told us the grease needed attention every few years. He may have put some parts on top which I don’t remember I just remember the main thing was the entire piece where the hook connection is located. It took him several hours to fix.

I do know after he fixed it, it worked like a champ. Proabably going to need to have it maint. soon.


I looked up the old receipt…

“Defective planetary, tried to rebuild old planetary too much slop in old planetary. Replaced”


Planetary & Aditator Shaft no longer available, upgraded to new style parts.

Planetary Assy
Ring Gear
Grease, Transmission


Hope that helps