How to get a rottweiller into our logo and slogan.

We are naming our pizzeria Rocky’s after our first rottie that we had to put to sleep a few yrs ago. We are trying to find some logos of a rott for our menu/ signs etc.
Also looking for a catchy little phrase/saying as well.Something like “love at first bite” or something along those lines.ThoughtI’d try up here as well.

rotts are a wonderful, caring and loyal breed and i cringe whenever i see “tough guy” goofballs prancing them around as if they were muscle cars. my first do was a rott, cora.

anyway, rather than trying to find an image or logo off a rott why not just find a nice picture of rocky, perhaps your favorite shot of him, and scan it. if you don’t have a scanner, you can take a digital photo of your photo with a digital camera with good results. once you have the digital image on your computer you can then take a software program such as photoshop and do a million things with it and create your own logo. if you don’t have photoshop or something similar, ask around - i’m sure you will find someone you know that does have such a program and who also might be able to help you out.

an example of a simple rott logo can be found at no-bilsrottweilers (do a google search) which would be a snap to do in photoshop…

I understand why you want to incorporate your dog into the logo BUT, I know for a fact that my wife and her 6 sisters would never eat at a place that had a dog as their logo.
Just thought I’d make you aware that you will have people not order from you because of it.

I have the EXACT same fear about using a dog in any advertising or logo as well. However, you can’t argue with the success of using animals in marketing. Budweiser did it with Spuds, the frogs etc. Gieko has the Gecko, Tony the Tiger, etc.

It depends on your market and how you put things out there. Ours is a bulldog but then we’re in a Marine Corps town where all the military relate to the image. We used “take a bite out of this” and we’ve had a lot of really positive feedback. Everyone thinks it’s great.

Put ‘saddle bags’ (with your logo) on the dog who’s wearing your hat. He can be running to deliver something?

I like the tatoo artist idea from a related thread. Maybe you can find an artist to get you a concept, and get whoever to sketch it out for you.

I have always had Rotts and did a little volunteer work with THORR, a Rott rescue group. I love the breed. This is going to sound corny, just something for you to think about…did you ever see the kids books about Carl? The Rottie and the baby? Having had both at the same time, my kids were always sharing food with my Rotties…and pizza is for sharing, right?

How to get a rottweiller into our logo and slogan.

You can wave a piece of steak on the roof right behind the sign and have him jump at it. :lol:


don’t go out & buy steak - use some rope italian sausage and drag him 2 the logo…:roll:

IMO, the potential business you lose from those who will not go to a place who has a dog in their logo is significantly offset by the extra attention people will pay to your logo because of the dog.

Hello Mister,heres a catchy/welcoming fraze…Come,Sit and Stay welcome to Rocky’s.


I will run that one by wifey.
J-rokk- you did read that we put him down,right?

Oh, my bad Derek. I thought I read that you just wanted to put the dog in your logo. Sorry 'bout that. -J_r0kk

Why would having a dog in the logo hurt the business? Why would the wife and six sisters not eat wonderful pizza because of a puppy in the logo? What am I missing?

Personally I don’t have a problem with it. I was just sharing my experience with people and how they feel about things like this. This is how my wife and her sisters think… Dog=hair=dirty. Of course it’s not like they’re going to have a dog running around the shop. Perception however is reality and I go out of my way to eliminate anything that might upset or turn off a potential customer.
Like DFW said, you’ll lose a handful over it but it’ll be offset by the extra people that you will attract with the logo.